Friday, November 20, 2009

10 Tips For Taking Care of Your Diamond Engagement Ring

By Sarah A Harris

Tip 1: When not wearing your ring, keep it in a cloth lined ring holder in a jewelery box. The original ring box will work too.

Tip 2: Don't wear it when cleaning, cooking, exercising, or gardening. Dirt and other grime can build up causing your ring to lose it shine.

Tip 3: Don't wear it in the shower. The soap can actually cause the diamond to cloud over.

Tip 4: Be careful not to snag your engagement ring on anything like a sweater or tablecloth. It can pull at the prongs making it possible to loosen the setting.

Tip 5: To keep the shine, soak your ring in one part ammonia to three parts cold water for no more than half hour before cleaning. Don't do this more than once a month.

Tip 6: Clean your diamond ring about once a week but no less than once a month. Clean with a wet soft toothbrush to remove dirt and grime then let dry on a lint-free cloth.

Tip 7: Avoid touch the diamond directly. The oil on your fingers will get the diamond dirty.

Tip 8: If a warranty came with the ring, then make sure to follow the inspection process. A jeweler often requires you to bring the ring in at least once a month for inspection.

Tip 9: Regardless of a warranty, it's a good idea to get insurance on the ring. Just in case.

Tip 10: Try to have your diamond certified by a licensed jeweler. This will help for both insurance purposes and for retaining value later on.

Following these 10 tips for taking care of your diamond engagement ring will help it stay beautiful for many generations to come.

Sarah Harris is the Marketing Manager at Adiamor She is also the author of the popular celebrity wedding and engagement ring blog It's Raining Diamonds.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top Slimming Tips

If you feel you need to lose some pounds and inches, then you don't have to resort to a diet. Instead, you can make some minor changes to the way that you eat and your lifestyle in order to reach your goals. These type of slimming tips are ones that do not require any major or difficult adjustments.

The following slimming tips can assist you in losing the weight you desire:

1. When you sit down to eat a meal, you need to approach it in a certain way. Be willing to take your time and eat slowly and purposefully. For example, take a small bite and then put down your eating utensil while you chew and swallow. You can also take small sips of water while eating. Give your body the time it needs to register that it has had enough food. If you go out to eat, be aware that the portions restaurants usually give you are much larger than what you need. Ask for a to-go container, and pack up half of the meal to take home and eat later.

2. Don't restrict any foods from your menu. It is okay to enjoy small portions of any type of food on a limited basis. Don't make yourself feel as if anything is off limits.

3. One of the most powerful slimming tips is to use visualization techniques in order to help you reach your goal. Think about the doors that will open for you once you feel more confident and comfortable. You can also start planning for a new, more exciting wardrobe.

4. Don't get discouraged. Even if you have a bad day. Just keep trying. No matter what, time goes on, so you may as well use your time to incorporate slimming tips into your daily routine. After all, one bad day will not spoil all of your other good days.

5. Write down everything that you eat each day. If you can also write down the calories in each food or beverage, that will also be helpful. This diary will help you see exactly what you are eating and how many calories you are consuming.

6. Avoid going food shopping on an empty stomach. This will likely cause you to be tempted to buy foods that you might not otherwise purchase. Remember: If it is not in your pantry, you won't be tempted to eat it.

7. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Even if you don't think you can work in a solid 20-30 minutes of exercise per day, studies have shown that 2 or 3 sessions of brisk walking for approximately 10 minutes, at different times of the day can be effective. Consider resistance training to build up your lean muscle mass which will help your body burn calories more efficiently.

8. Don't be afraid to reward yourself for meeting weight loss milestones. Perhaps when you reach a certain clothing size, you can treat yourself to a new outfit. Be creative with these slimming tips and enjoy them!

For more great free quick and easy slimming tips and information, visit the regularly updated slimming resources website. This truly is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off.

How to Lose Fat Fast - How to Get Rid of Fat Quickly & Naturally!

If you are interested in losing fat fast, then you are probably a little overweight at this moment. If this is the case, it's not your fault. Although there are numerous weight loss methods in today's society, the number of people who are overweight or obese is increasing. It seems that the diet industry doesn't want you to lose weight, because if do they won't be able to keep selling you diet pills or programs.

So what do you have to do to lose fat?
  • Stay away from restrictive diets: they slow down your metabolism and in the long run you will gain back more pounds than you lose.
  • Build muscle mass: muscles increase your metabolic rate considerably. In fact every pound of muscle in your body burns 50 calories per day, without you having to do anything. This means that if you have 10 pounds of muscles you will burn 500 more calories per day with no extra effort, which will translate in 4-5 pounds a month.
  • Eliminate sugar from your daily meals: foods high in sugar like candies, sweets and donuts increase your insulin levels and steal nutrients from your body.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables: they are full of vitamins and minerals and will help your body get rid of toxins.
  • Avoid processed foods: the ingredients they contain can slow down your metabolic rate.
  • Forget about proteins, carbohydrates and fats: the amount of carbs or proteins you eat every day is not important. Any energy that isn't burned will be stored as extra weight.
  • Take a multivitamin every day: hunger is relative to nutrient cravings, so eating food that is poor in nutrients will cause you to be hungry all the time.
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Kitchen-made Facial Cleanser

Ever tried making your own cleanser before? Or, have you tried all means and ways to clear that stubborn dirt on your face but to no avail even after using deep cleansing products? We shall share with you this little secret to make your life easier and better, cost saving! You can easily find the ingredients in the stores or even in your fridge.

Ingredients needed include cucumber juice and milk. As simple as that.

First of all, all you need to do is wash your cucumber before extracting the juice. Throw them into your juicer and there comes your cucumber juice. Then, mix the juice with milk. Mix them well. The amount varies and get just enough to clean your face. You don't want to waste your food, don't you?

When you got the mixture mixed well, take a clean cotton balls and dub into the mixture. A little amount will do and start wiping your face gently. Repeat this steps until you've clean your face thoroughly. Then, wash your face with lukewarm water.

You can repeat this method whenever you feel like it and especially when the dirt is so stubborn. It's essential to make sure you clean your face thoroughly before applying your daily facial care products to absorb all the nutrients needed.

Healthy Cooking Tips

It's all of waste if you don't know how to cook the correct way even if you have the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Some cooking techniques can help bring out the best taste from the ingredients itself and still maintain the nutrients. To eat healthy, you have to have healthy ingredients as well as healthy cooking techniques.

Although grills consume lesser oil and that's good for dieting, but bear in mind that charcoal grills or gas grills are not good for health. They help increase chances of getting cancer instead. If you love grilled food, get electric grills for safety cooking. It taste as good as charcoal grills and gas grills.

Instead of stir-frying your vegetables, it is best that you use steam. Steam your vegetables are different from boiling your vegetables. When you boil your vegetables, the nutrients will be gone and if you steam them instead, the nutrients are still maintained in the food. It's not only about giving your vegetables a sweeter taste but also a good texture when you chew on them.

In order to cut down on fat when you cook, remember not to fry or worst, deep-fried your food. Broil them or bake or use a roasting pan to cook your food. Just sprinkle them with extra-virgin olive oil and not use your margarine. Another option to cook healthy low fat food is to use the Chinese steamers.

Saturated fats are not good so replace them with extra-virgin olive oil, organic oil or grape seed oil. They are much healthier than saturated fats.

Another important tip to healthier cooking is not to microwave your food in plastic wrap or a plastic container. If you need to heat them up using the microwave, then place your food in a glass container.

These little tips are necessary to ensure you make full use of your healthy ingredients. Careful not to spoil the nutrients! That's what that you need for a healthy diet and most importantly the secret to a beautiful you.

Facial Hair Remover

Facial hair is normal but to some women, there are exceptionally obvious especially the ones above the upper lips. These excessive hairs are due to the abnormal hormone variation. It might irritate some people especially when it gets obvious each day. And so, some might opt to shave it every now and then, tweeze or even bleaching. But, nothing compares to natural facial hair removal and you can do it yourself right in your kitchen.

All you need to prepare for the ingredients are egg white, sugar and corn flour. The process is easy just like when you prepare your ingredients for cake baking. The amount of the ingredients needed varies and it very much depends on your face measurement. You've got to know how big your face is.

The steps are as below:

1. Separate the egg yolk and egg white. We only need the egg whites
2. After getting your egg whites, blend them with sugar and corn flour.
3. Blend them well until it becomes sticky paste.
4. After you got the texture of the mixture right, apply them on your face.
5. Wait till it dries before gently peeling them.

This treatment can be done three to four times a week until you got the result you want. It's simple and cost saving!

Silky Smooth Feet

Many women pay much attention to their skin care, spending lots of efforts and money in buying many skin care products and trying all kinds of new products they can find in stores. But they usually didn't realize that they've always abandoned their poor feet. Too much of walking makes your foot skin rough and many times their skin gets dry and starting to peel off. This is when you need to do a thorough treatment to protect them.

First of all, all you need to do is to soak your feet, pampering them in warm water and next, you need to scrub them to remove the layers of dead skin. What we have here is something that you can make yourself at home in your kitchen. To the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy the whole process and find your satisfaction in making your own foot scrub.

One of the effective foot scrubs is the brown sugar foot scrub. Ingredients you need to have can be easily found at home or in grocery shop. The ingredients are as below:

• 2 tablespoons brown sugar
• 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel
• 2 tablespoons ground oats
• 1 teaspoon lemon juice
• 1 teaspoon almond oil or olive oil
• 1 tablespoon honey

With your food processor, grind the oatmeal to the texture of sand to avoid your skin from being scratch if it's too rough. Then insert the remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. When it's done, just apply them onto your feet and rinse them off with warm water. Remember to squeeze your lemon juice fresh.

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Say Bye Bye to Dark Circles!

Dark circles are always women's enemy and now not only that, even men has the same issue as well. Dark circles are formed usually due to late night sleep. But it's ok now that we have a solution to it. You can make them at home and it only costs you very little. You don't have to waste a huge amount of money anymore trying out different kind of products available in the pharmacies and be disappointed after that. You can try making this instead.

1. Use potatoes that you can find in the supermarkets. Peel off the skin and throw them into your food processor.
2. Then stuff these raw mashed potatoes into cheesecloth before applying them onto the dark spot below your eyes.
3. Beware not to let the juice drip into your eyes. Just leave them for about 20 minutes before removing it.
4. Wipe clean your eyes and apply your eye cream. That completes your dark circle treatment.

This method helps as grated potatoes are known to be containing catecholase, a kind of enzyme that is used in normal cosmetics ingredients to lighten human skin. This DIY is absolutely going to be effective in lightening your dark circles. Just repeat this routine for a few times and you'll get the result you want. But the best effective way is of course, to sleep early and have enough 8-hours sleep to prevent your dark circles from popping out again.

Fragrance and Personality

Choosing a perfume to your liking is as easy as snapping your fingers but it can be hard that you need to scratch your head when there's a wide selection for you to choose from. But did you know that fragrance can represent your personality? The perfume you use tells people about you and what kind of person you are whether you're a tough person, the girly kind, sexy, young and sweet, one with personality or sporty. It's not only about you, liking the scent or not. Often, there are people who like a particular scent and some don't. It reflects on your lifestyle as well.

When you go for perfume shopping, take your time to hunt for the right one before deciding on the one that suits you best. It might take you weeks to get one, but trust us, it's worth the time. As they reflects the inner you, only the one that you think is the most suitable will last longer. Even if you've decided to change one, the fragrance will still fall on the same category.

It often happens that the perfume doesn't smells the same as the one you sprayed at the samples counter as sometimes, your nose did some tricks on you. After a while of smelling it, the scent slowly fades away and blends with your surroundings and turning into a different scent. It's not about the perfume, but your nose just decided to smell differently. Don't try too many samples at a go, and start with the lighter ones before sampling the richer scent. Take a break in between before you start sniffing on samples again.

Colors of the packaging often tells you what kind of perfume it is whether it's a strong one or a lighter one or whether it's the floral scent or fruity. You can always find some information on the bottle, so read them over before trying them. Often brighter colors reflect fruity scent and those in pastel colors reflect floral scents. Either that or you can always ask the sales person for help and to collect more information and understand your own fragrant well. Thus, you'll get to know your own personality more.

It's always best to take a break in between samples and don't force yourself to get one now on the spot. Get some opinion from people and try a few more till you found your best.

Cholesterol Hair Conditioning

Homemade recipes are always cost saving. Though sometimes it may be a little bit time consuming but you'll definitely enjoy the process of making your own treatments especially when beauty treatments are always costly. Here's what we have for you to save on your hair treatment. You don't have to visit the salon every now and then to get your hair treated; instead, you can do them at home by yourself without the help of others.

For dry hair, all you need for this treatment is to get ready a cup of mayonnaise, some plastic food wrap and two towels. This DIY treatment is essential for dry hair and instead of using hair conditioners that are full of chemicals, use the natural way of treatment.

Apply the whole cup of mayonnaise onto your hair and massage them into the scalp and root. You might need to use a comb to comb your hair so that the mayonnaise is evenly applied through the end. You have a choice of combing your hair with your hand actually. After that, pile them on top of your head and wrap them with the plastic wrap. This way, it helps to keep the mayonnaise in place.

Then pre-heat the towel in your drier and wrap it around after the layer of plastic wrap. Keep the towel there for 10 minutes before removing it and place the second towel on it and leave them for another 10 minutes. The heat from the wrapping will help in deep conditioning. After all that, remove the towel and the plastic.

Shampoo your hair as usual after the treatment. This treatment is best done once a month as they make your hair softer and shinier. But for oily scalp, you are advised not to apply the mayonnaise to the whole head. Instead apply them only on dry ends. You can do this once a week, weekly to get the best result. It's good for damage hair too from too much chemical treatment.

You'll definitely going to enjoy this process and the result after that and not forgetting the satisfaction of Do-It-Yourself!

Daily Exercises

People always have the mindset of exercising means going to the gym and sweat for hours or going through a hard time trying to get the aim of finishing 30 minutes jog. But that's not about it anymore. Daily routine like walking actually helps a lot in the daily dose of exercise that you need. And every little movement you make can be mounted up.

We have little tips that might be handy to you if you are afraid that you won't have enough time in a day to do proper exercise. Light ones helps too. It only requires 10 minutes walk a day to increase your fitness level. Get rid of the 'No pain, No gain' thinking. Do a little a day especially if you just start to work out. There's no need to stress yourself out instead, just relax and enjoy your routine.

Keep in mind that you can walk a little a day and not to work hard in the gym. When you are running an errand, just park your car a little further and walk there. Or if you're on your way for shopping spree, don't leave your car near to the entrance instead park them at the farthest end and walk the whole length of the mall. Take this little opportunity to walk more and you'll be surprised to the result by the end of the day.

Every morning when you wake up, before getting off the bed, try doing a few sit ups on the bed. Lay down flat on your mattress and enjoy the routine. With a few times a day you can actually do up to 100 times when you get used to the routine.

There's always a price to pay for everything. The only little tips are 'Don't be lazy!'

Basic Yet Important

Below are the basic 10 little tips that looks not really important but as you accumulate them, it will somehow become essential to you someday. Make them a practice every day and it will keep you healthy throughout.

1. Move, move and more move

Challenge yourself and see how much you move your body every day. Climb the stairs to your house or to your office instead of taking the elevators or escalators. Opt for a walk if the place is within walking distance or walk your dog in the park, bring your children out to the beach, play with them and chase them around. You can also toss balls with your friends and go out for a game or two or simply mow the lawn. All these help a little everyday in moving your limbs. An easy fitness tool you can do every day besides the boring routing like going to the gym or aerobic or even tai chi.

2. Reduce Fat Bits by Bits

Try not to consume fried foods, burgers and other fatty meat especially those found in processed meat like bacon, ham, sausages and salami. You can also opt for low fat version of cheese, milk and cream if you love them. Nuts, mayonnaise, sandwich meats, margarine, butter and sauces and dressings should be consumed in limited amounts or get the low fat or fat free version instead. All these are not essential to your body and they give you no nutrients at all.

3. Say NO to Smoking

Smoking is harmful to anyone and everyone knows that. When you are craving for a puff, take the gums instead. Chew them and you'll soon forget about smoking. What worries people most is that smokers' age is getting younger each day and it seems like teenagers now ignore the important of being healthy. Parents are encouraged to guide their children well in this and try to advise them into quitting if they are found smoking.

4. Don't Stress

It's always easier to be said than done but somehow someway you'll have to do it as well. Stress can come from everywhere be it from yourself or your surroundings. And one of the easiest ways to reduce your stress is simply to do things that you like for example, read a book, soak in bath tub, go for a walk or enjoy the evening breeze. Take some time off from everything you do.

5. Avoid from Pollution

Make an effort to avoid smoke-filled rooms, areas with high traffic, breath in highways and exercising near busy areas. Those smokes are not good for health and your lungs and try to avoid breathing heavily in these places. You can also plant something at your home.

6. Buckle Yourself

Remember to wear your seat belt as it helps to prevent and potential injuries if you car gets crashed.

7. Teeth Flossing

There is a connection shows through research that longevity and teeth flossing are related to each other. The real reason to it was not identified but by logical thinking, if a person is to floss their teeth, it also meant that the person is health conscious enough. Hence, they'll not forgot the important of their teeth as well.

8. Drink Just Enough

Drink moderately instead of excessively. Research shows that a man can drink a glass of wine a day as it helps prevent heart disease but if it's a glass and more then it will bring harm to your body like causing liver and kidney disease.

9. Be Positive

Being cheerful everyday makes you think and act positively. Hence, you'll live well when you're in a better mood.

10. Know How to Choose

It doesn't mean that your parents who are diagnosed with disease that can be passed down through genetics like diabetes you'll be inherited with the disease as well. Yes, you have a percentage of getting the disease but you can work harder to prevent them from happening. You get to choose whether or not to live healthily. You can control your own health management too.

An Apple A Day

As the simple saying that rhymes, 'An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away' is no doubt a favorite children quote to have them to eat the fruits in order to get a balance diet. But have you ever wonder why must it be an apple and not other common fruits? Why is it that there's no 'An Orange a Day Keeps the Doctor Away'?

There must be something about this ordinary fruit that makes them extraordinary and a special of its kind. Research shows that they have extra benefits that are good for health where you can't find in other fruits. You can mix all kinds of fruits to get these benefits, but why not just take an apple? It's simpler this way. And the simplest way to stay healthy is always the best choice for everyone.

Let's see how an apple can keeps the doctor away.

1. An apple contains Vitamin C that is needed in your immune system. With Vitamin C, your wound heals faster and you     don't get bruises easily nor bleeding gums.
2. Flavonoid that can be found in apples are good to prevent heart and cardiovascular disease as they work as     antioxidants.
3. If you're having sweet tooth and are craving for candies or chocolates, try having an apple instead. They give you the     same sweetness and the important thing is they are lower in calories. And, they make your cravings disappear!
4. There are all kinds of cancers and the best fact about apples is they prevent cancers. An apple a day helps cure     colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. So, women remember to have an apple.
5. Phenols in apple helps reduce bad cholesterol and then increase the good cholesterol in our body.
6. Not only can you keep the doctors away but dentists too. With the juice from the apple, 80% of the bacteria that     causes tooth decay can be killed.
7. Though it's not known to many people, but apple really can help protect your brain from brain disease like Alzheimer's     and Parkinsonism with the phytonutrients found in an apple.
8. Asthma can be prevented if you have at least five apples a week. It is said that apples help lower respiratory     problems.
9. The best thing is, apples taste great be it the green or the apple ones. You can have the red one if you dislike the     green or vice versa. But it's best to have both!

So, get your apples now and stay healthy without a doctor!

Diabetic Diet

It's not the end of the world yet for a diabetic for not being able to eat food that they love to eat previously. You'll just have to eat properly with the right portions and the right amount of nutrients needed in your daily diabetic diet and the most important routine of all is to exercise and sweat away all your food!

Healthy diabetic diet plan doesn't mean you have to take all the tasteless healthy food but instead, it's better to consult your doctor on what you should have in your diet and what you should not depending on what type of diabetes you are and also the sugar level in your blood. It's not going to take much effort from you and it's not even difficult to make it happen.

You don't have to throw away all the food you have at home but just need to watch the proportions you are taking. Eat lesser but increase your meal intakes so you won't feel hungry. You can still have the food that you like but beware of how much you take them in you. If you've taken too much, just do extra exercise to burn the extra food you've taken. It's not that difficult as it may seem.

Exercising is not hard at all as long as you're not lazy. Simple once like walking around your house is enough for daily exercise. Just as long as you are sweating, it's sufficient already. Once in a while you can have sports with your fellow friends or even with your family and it's definitely going to be fun exercising with a bunch of your loved ones rather than working out on your own. Exercising helps burning your extra glucose from your food and that's all you need to maintain a normal sugar level.

There are things that you have to watch out especially on your diet. But overall, cut down on your food proportions and avoid eating fried foods. The fats in the oily food will only help increase the chance of a diabetic getting heart disease and I'm sure you won't want to have that. After all, oil only makes a person grows fat. It's best to take steamed food or soup and avoid heavy seasoning. Use vinegar, herbs and spices, lemon juices and salsa instead of excessive salt and sugar.

Cut on the amount of eating out. Cook at home instead to ensure healthier eating. Eating the right amount of food and getting the right amount of exercise is all you need to get on track on healthier lifestyle. Just don't keep in mind that being a diabetic is the end of the world. Many diabetics are still leading their normal routine and enjoying the activities they like. Just make sure you maintain your sugar level and you'll be just fine!

What's Good About Yoga?

I'm sure you always heard from words of mouth saying that yoga is good for health and that it helps to circulate blood better. Yes, that's true. But that's not the only thing that yoga is good about. There's more for us to reveal to you especially to those who haven't tried out yoga themselves. To those who had just tried yoga and is still a beginner, you'll learn more about the benefits here and slowly discover them yourself.

After a certain age, your body will grow stiff and stretching might be difficult to you. Stretching your body in yoga is a norm as there's stretching in all the poses. This way, it helps you to become more flexible and indirectly loosen your muscles and joints. Long-term yoga will help you gain back your flexibility in no time.

Many of the yoga pose, regardless of what kind of yoga, stretching is normal and the other thing is to support your own weight in many ways. Different kind of positions require you to support your body weight in different way. For example, balancing yourself on one leg or supporting your weight with only your arms. Some of the poses might be more fun where you need to move in and out of the poses and with that, you strengthen your strength.

And the best thing you get from yoga is you can expect long, lean muscles forming!

After some time of attending yoga classes, you'll slowly realize that you have lesser pain especially back pain. Back pain is usually caused by overloaded work that requires you to sit in the office facing the computer for a period of time. It can also be driving too long. It causes tightness and spinal compression but with the help of yoga, you can stretch your body all you want and you won't feel the pain anymore. It also helps prevent future pain.

Many people might not know breathing is important to health and many ignore the ways of breathing properly. Breathing is essential in yoga exercise and hence the instructors will teach you how to breathe correctly using your lungs that brings benefits your body. Breathing correctly also helps to calm your nervous system that brings benefits to both physically and mentally.

That's not all about yoga. Yoga helps too in mental calmness through the concentration needed when you carry out the yoga practice. Concentration helps calm your mind and with meditation, you'll slowly disengage from your thoughts and will be able to concentrate more and indirectly you'll feel peace in mind. Meditation is also introduced in yoga in order to help improves breathing.

After a yoga session, you'll find yourself stress less, due to the concentration needed in practice. All your worries and problems is best deal in the yoga room. After every yoga session, rest assured that you'll feel more relax and stress free as the concentrations helps you calm down and forget about your stress either at work or in family.

It is guaranteed that after attending yoga classes, you'll start to understand your body more and that you'll start appreciating them. With yoga, you'll improve in posture and have a greater self-confidence.


People often feel tired easily especially to working adults. Due to overloaded work and stress, you are becoming unhealthy; your immunity gets low, you'll have poor concentration, headaches and many more. Detoxification is good for the body to help you reduce all of the sickness mentioned above, usually the common health problems.

Detoxification can be with the help of detoxification products but it can also be a detox diet. Controlling the food you consume everyday is essential to your daily dietary. Eating and drinking healthy is a gentle cleansing method to a detox diet. Drinking filtered water or mineral water and taking organic food are recommended to help cleansing better.

Fruit juice, vegetable juice, thin vegetable soups, steamed vegetables, cooked pulses, oatmeal, brown rice, cottage cheese, bio yogurt, fish and chicken are the food that gives you a balance diet and it's all up to you on how much you want to consume them. You can still take your normal calories to complement the detoxing process as well losing some weight!

During the process, remember to drink plenty of water advisable at least two to three litres and what's more important is to exercise more and sweat all the way to a healthier life. While you're at it, remember not to take caffeine, table salt, additives, artificial sweeteners, food additives, alcohol and sugar.

Organic food is recommended during detoxification as they consist of no chemicals compared to non-organic. Chemicals like food additives, colorings, flavorings, preservatives, waxes, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide residues is consumed and is estimated that the total of chemicals consumed in a year can be up to 6kgs.

After about a week of detoxification, nutritional supplements can be used to support the detoxification process. Nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids like evening primrose or the omega-3 fish oil can be added to balance the process.

After a total of two weeks since you start detoxification, you can now slowly add in your favorite food so that you can still enjoy throughout the process. After a period of time, you'll slowly adapt to it and following that, you'll lead a better and healthier diet and lifestyle. Eating healthy with balanced diet means you'll have to have more grains, vegetables, pulses, white meat and fish. It's still best to avoid sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol.

Once you are used to living and eating healthy, maintaining it is as easy as snapping your fingers!

Green Tea A Day

Many didn't realize the benefits that green tea can give to our body. Some might love the taste of green tea some just don't really like it as it tastes very 'green'. But to your surprise, we can ensure you that green tea is a healthy tea that benefited your health and even beauty. As you realize there are more products in the store with green tea as ingredients and there's also more and more green tea brand. The benefits include everything about health, weight loss and aging reduction.

• Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is said to be loaded with antioxidants that is good for our body and helps protect us from looking older then our actual age. The antioxidants keep us away from the free radicals that can cause aging, cancers and heart disease as well as lower our cholesterol, decrease our chances of getting cancers and heart disease. Protect your body with a cup of green tea every day.

• Diet and Weight Lost

Besides increasing our metabolism rate to burn fats and calories at a faster speed, green tea also contains an ingredient that helps to clean toxins in our body. That's how they help in increasing our metabolism rate. They also help to enhance our daily energy with less caffeine and it will definitely keep your mood on par every day. Daily intake of green tea especially after a heavy meal will definitely keep you energetic and cheerful every day. It's a healthy diet and it helps a lot in losing weight.

• Anti-Aging Tea

As you can see in stores, there are many beauty products that come with green tea extract. The benefit of antioxidant found in green tea extract has become popular these days as they can be used as a natural exfoliate to help reduce your wrinkles as you age and as a refreshing moisturizer as well. There are many causes to problems like wrinkles and sunspots but they can be treated and well maintained with green tea. Not to forget, green tea is also used in toothpaste for the natural fluoride they contain.

• The Green Tea

You probably will ask when is the best time to take green tea so that you can absorb the most nutrient out of it or likewise, where to get them? It's not hard to get green tea, the tea itself and also the green tea products. It's everywhere in the stores and it's affordable. There are beauty products as well as health products like vitamin supplements in pharmacies or do-it-yourself with simple recipes. You can cook with green tea or make them into facial scrubs.

Green tea is now widely used by people around the globe when the benefits of green tea slowly shine. They are affordable and are a natural ingredient without additional chemicals. Therefore the health benefits are trusted by many consumers. Go try them out yourself and see the changes in you.

Look Beautiful Always

Trying to look pretty is what every woman is hoping to achieve and hence, mirror has become a part of their beauty life. It has become something very personal and even precious to them as they tell how they look like every now and then. Our looks, somehow has never change since we were born. The only changes that make us look different are the different expressions we have on our face and these expressions reflect what's within you.

Though we change the way we look physically, whether you get yourself a new hairdo, changing the way you dress or you get thinner or maybe gaining some weight, they are all only physical appearances. Not to forget that inner beauty counts too. The good and bad in us show somehow or somewhere inside us. They are all clearly written through our expressions and somehow through the little actions we made.

A person with a good heart, calm and peaceful inner reflects their true beauty even if they are 50 years in age. So, it's always the simple-looking, down-to-earth people who catch other people's attention and leaving their very best first impression to people. These people always look positive and so does their thinking and actions.

Mindset it the main reason behind inner beauty and how you reflect them depends on how you think and live. And positive or negative mindset reflects both different beauty in you. Just stay positive always and be good to everyone. Having a simple mindset is always better then complicated ones as you'll have countless problems hunting you that lead to the unhappy you.

You can still enhance your true beauty with just little cosmetics and that's all that you need to shine like the brightest star!

Hand Care

Most people neglected their hands most of the time thinking they are only meant for achieving things. Though they are the most visible part of all and the most important tools in daily routines, they are always being ignored and not well taken care of. Instead, you gave your face all the unwanted attention rather than your hands. It's important to keep your hand soft and moisten all the time so that whenever you shake your hands with others, it will never give them a feeling of dry and itchy instead it gives them a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Here are the little tips that give you a perfect pair of hand and what's more? It prevents you from getting shoved away by your loved ones and instead holding them firmly in theirs!

1. Almond oil can be added into your dishwater when you clean your dishes. It helps soften your hands as the water     work their way to soft your rough hands and the oil to moisten it. Just add a teaspoon and that will give you a miracle     while you can wash your dish without worrying about rough hands.
2. Use sea salt lemon and with the help of old toothbrush, you can brush the solution slightly onto your hands. Scrub     away all the dead skin cells twice a week and your hand will be soften.
3. After washing your hands thoroughly with warm water, rub your hands against a coarse washcloth. Then, apply honey     and olive oil, a teaspoon each on your hands before placing them in small plastic bags. After that, put on a pair of     cotton gloves and leave your hands in it for about 30 minutes. With the help of the heat, your hand is moisture.
4. Soak your hands into a cup of warm milk heated to the temperature you are comfortable in and it helps to strengthen     your nails and skin hydration. The milk contains high calcium that will help in strengthening your fragile nails.
5. Either way, you can apply a layer of Vaseline onto your hands before you go to bed, then put on a pair of cotton gloves     and leave them on till the next morning. You hands are guaranteed to be as soft as baby's skin.
6. When you do your house chores, remember to put on a pair of gloves. Detergents are bad to your hands and nails.     When they are exposed long term in water, they swell and when it's dry, they shrink back and soon, you'll have to deal     with brittle nails.

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Hair Care

Many people might overlook hair care and most of them do not know the importance of having stronger healthier hair. Here, we show you the very basic hair care that everyone needs. There are things that you need to pay more attention to in order to have a beautiful healthy hair. First of all, to achieve a good-looking shiny hair, you have to have a better health, right way of cleaning your hair and pay close attention to the cosmetic treatments you used.

To have a better health, watching your diet is important. The main reason that causes hair loss is due to the lack of iron and that leads to Anaemia. The lack of iron in blood is caused by the imbalance diet with very little meat, eggs, cereals or peas and beans. But, if your body has lack of Vitamin C, then your body will not absorb the iron. It is best to consume more fresh fruits and vegetable that provides you with the vitamins and nutrients that you need.

Cutting your hair only helps maintain the look of it but it doesn't help much in maintaining good hair. If you have a shorter hair, then cleaning the scalp is easier. As thorough scalp cleaning is essential to ensure dandruff-free hair, you should at least spend some time and more attention when washing them.

Excessive hair perming and dyeing will only lead to hair damage. It also depends on the individual scalp on whether how much their scalp can take if you need a hairdo regularly. Initially, hair scalp is hard but it'll slowly become swollen if too much damage is made to it like applying hair dye on a regular basis as it became allergic.

However, there is a solution to the problem above. You can first apply that dye on a spot on your arm. If irritation developed, then avoid your scalp from having contact with the dye. Bleaching leads to brittle hair as the ingredients used contains peroxide that will make your fine hair rough, having split ends or thick hair become thin and shortened.

Proper hair care is important if you want your hair to look just like those in the hair advertisements. Choose your shampoo wisely and those of that suit your scalp. Avoid beautifying your hair too much as it brings damage to it as well though you look beautiful with the brand new look.

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Women's Self Defense Training - Be Equipped

Be Equipped: (necessities such as tools or provisions.)

Being equipped with the proper personal security and self defense tools whether it is a lethal, or non-lethal, or an alternative self defense tool, can greatly impact your personal security in a positive way. They are an important part of an overall self defense strategy.

Lethal: (Capable of causing death.) 

Just the definition of a lethal Personal Secuirty and Self Defense tools causes some people to fear, with good reason. When you carry a lethal one there is a great responsibility that inherently comes with it. A lethal tool can be a very effective choice with proper training and practice.

·  Guns, particularly pistols are the most common lethal self defense device.

·  They come in a variety of different calibers and sizes to fit each individuals needs.

·  If you carry it for self defense; that would imply that you would be willing to use it, possible taking another humans life to save your own.

·  You must insure that you get proper training, required permits, store it properly to avoid any accidents,and practice with it regularly.


Many people choose non-lethal self defense tools for obvious reasons.A non-lethal self defense tools can give you the opportunity to flee from a dangerous situation.

·  Pepper spray is a non-lethal non-toxic aerosol spray used for self defense. The active ingredient in pepper spray is a naturally occurring substance called Oleoresin Capsicum or "OC". Pepper spray comes in dispersal types: Fogger, Stream, and Foam. Pepper spray offers the most bang for the buck of all non-lethal security products.

· TASERS are non-lethal electroshock devices for self defense purposes only that disrupt the body's neuromuscular systems using electrical currents. They come in three different models; the C2 which is fashionable compact, the ML18 advanced TASER resembles a gun in shape and size, and the X26C that is gun shaped and offers many features.


An alternative personal security tool is anything you can find wherever you are. They can be both lethal and non-lethal depending on the self defense tool used, placement and power of the strike on the offender. When it comes down to it you do what you have to in order to flee. Let me give you some examples of possible self defense tools in your car, home, or on your person. Because of liabilities I won't be explaining how to use these items; however the element of surprise is usually on your side with one of these self defense tools.

·  In the Car; ice scrapers, snow brushes, keys, sunglasses, a hard sun glass case, CD or CD case etc.

·  At Home; any aerosol can, a tooth brush, T.V remotes, drinking glasses, kitchen utensils, books, trash cans etc.

·  On your person; would be your wallet, loose change, pen or pencil, cell phone, comb, umbrella etc.

·  This is by no means an exhaustive list when you consider almost anything can be used as an alternative self defense tools. The key to any alternative self defense tools is that they don't appear as self defense tools and give you the element of surprise. By holding correctly, striking with force in the right area they are effective.

In Summary, with any self defense personal security products you should follow the laws and regulations in your area, practice with it and realize the moral and legal responsibilities that you take upon yourself when you carry them. Though it is never guaranteed, these items can give you the upper hand and a chance to flee. In future articles, additional rules will help you maximize your personal security and safety. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens.

Adam Sisterhen is the president of Your Personal Security Store (, self defense instructor, author of personal security and self defense articles and a Rotarian. He is a proud advocate and a firm believer in personal security and self defense training and products that help protect you, your family and your loved ones.

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Sexual Harassment - A Symptom of Power Play

Ever since women have entered the workforce in large numbers, the problem of Sexual Harassment has gained a momentum of its own. Though women may be highly educated, have the requisite qualifications and work shoulder to shoulder with men, almost 60% are subjected to unwelcome sexually determined behaviour by the opposite sex. Even women doctors are not exempt, and many are harassed by senior doctors, consultants, interns and male patients. In educational institutions, about 55% of students complain of harassment by teachers or fellow students. One cannot walk on the roads or travel by public transport without being harassed by bullies or eve teasers. Sexual harassment cuts across all socio-economic barriers.

Gender discrimination and role stereotypes are the reason for such behaviour. Some men feel that the biological roles of wife, mother and home maker are violated by women who step out of their homes for employment.

Women too have come out with extreme ideas of playing "super woman." Some aspects of Feminism make men feel distinctly uneasy and paranoid. They try to get even through sexual harassment. After all, they too are victims of stereotyping. Most men think that "good women" don't get sexually harassed. But "bad women" invite trouble by their behaviour and dress.

In the context of this rapidly changing socio-economic scenario, more women are likely to seek employment outside their homes. It is therefore time for society to remember that women are human beings too, and must be allowed the dignity of their rights.

What is sexual harassment?

Every woman is entitled to her own private space. When that space is violated by verbal, non verbal or physical forms of sexually suggestive behaviour, it amounts to harassment. This covers a range of behaviour starting from unwelcome comments about a person's body to sexual abuse and sexual assault. The harasser may be openly sexist in his remarks or present a veneer of respectability, but make sly passes or propositions when the victim is alone.

Types of harassment.

• Predators get their thrills by humiliating women either by innuendos, crank calls, eve teasing or phone sex. They make sexually coloured remarks or unwanted physical contact by pinching, pawing, kissing or groping.
• The most common type is the quid pro quo harassment in which sexual favours are expected in exchange for jobs, promotions, grades or recommendations. This is gross misuse of power by employers, teachers, politicians or film directors with 'casting couch' requirements.
• Some men establish a mentor-like relationship with the victim by pretending to offer professional or academic counseling. But soon their sexual intentions surface.
• Serial harassers are masters at the game. They strike in private so that there are no witnesses. It is just the victim's word against theirs.
• Some use harassment as an ego boost. Victims are subjected to porn films, nude pictures and suggestive language.
• Harassment can be used as a revenge tactic if a person feels rejected or snubbed. These bullies make physical or verbal advances, use obscene language, crack vulgar jokes and create an unpleasant environment.
• There are stalkers who watch, follow, flash or bombard the victim with letters or e-mails.
• Many operate in groups, harassing women in buses, trains or on the roads by pulling their clothes, or touching their breasts or buttocks.

Effects of sexual harassment.

Psychologists are of the opinion that chronic sexual harassment has the same effect of rape or sexual assault. The message that harassers send out is that "You are a non-person. You don't matter. Therefore I am free to harass you."

- Many victims begin to show poor performance at work or in studies
- Some relocate to another city or job or college.
- The victim feels humiliated and is frustrated that she has no control of the situation.
- Depression, anxiety, headache or fatigue may follow. Some may go mad or attempt suicide.

How to deal with sexual harassment.

This is a punishable offence and each country has its own laws. Every woman should be aware of her rights under the law. Sexual harassment should be recognized and not ignored. The victim must put up resistance and show her distaste for such behaviour. She can have an open talk with her harasser and tell him to lay off.
This may lead to unpleasant repercussions especially if he is the boss. He may start picking faults with her work, send her memos, or withhold recommendations and make life miserable for her.

The victim should not give into self doubt and lose confidence in herself. By failing to challenge sexual harassment she can undermine her position. She should continue to go to work or college. But she should also document incidents of harassment, date, time, place and people involved and witnesses. She should make a complaint in writing with specific details, to whoever is in the supervising cadre.

It is good to talk to women who have been similarly harassed and form a mutually supportive group. There are many women's groups and NGOs who will take up the victim's cause if the management does not come to her help.

If harassment of a serious nature takes place in a public place, the matter should be brought to the attention of the police.

Responsibility of the employer.

- Employers both in public and private sector must take steps to prevent sexual harassment.
- There should be a definite policy on this matter, which should be published and circulated to all employees.
- A procedure for filing complaints should be mapped out. This should be time bound, and the victim should be assured of confidentiality and protection.
- A Grievance Committee with a woman at its head should review the complaint. The committee should be comprised of 50% women members where possible.
- Disciplinary action should be taken against the harasser. If his behaviour falls under criminal law, he should be reported to the police.

Any woman who complains about sexual harassment must steel herself for a backlash. She risks hostility, isolation, denigration of character or even physical harm.

It must be society's aim and responsibility to eliminate sexual harassment at all levels and in all situations, to preserve the dignity of women.

Eva Bell is a doctor of Medicine and also a freelance writer of articles, short stories, children stories.
Published in Indian magazines and newspapers, anthologies and also on the web.
Author of two novels, one non-fiction, two children's books. Special interest- Travel and Women's Issues.

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Baby Gender Prediction - How Do You Know It's a Boy Or a Girl?

Right at the moment of conception, life begins. It starts when the egg unites with the sperm. There are two types of sperm - the X and the Y. A baby girl is conceived if the X-sperm fertilizes with the egg while a boy is conceived if a Y-sperm unites with the egg. - This is how conception of a baby happens and thus; how baby gender is determined as well.

 Expectant parents get very anxious and ecstatic at the same time to find out about their baby's gender - which is why weeks before you can even confirm baby gender, they would go as far as taking baby gender quizzes, using baby gender calculators and the like. But are there really ways to predict baby gender? How can you tell if it's a boy or a girl? During the first few weeks, males and females can be very much alike but there are a few unofficial ways to predict the baby sex. Keep in mind; however, that gender will only be officially confirmed after the ultrasound on your 5th month. Below, we will share with you some hints to help you predict baby gender.
- During the first half of the first trimester, babies - destined to be girl or boy alike - have almost the same sexual equipment called the "genital duct." Both can make either a female or male organ. It starts as three tiny bumps in between the legs. The major change becomes visible on the later part of the first trimester. Those destined to become a boy ( with one X and one Y chromosome) produces the male hormone called testosterone which allows the bump to develop male sexual organs. This bump begin to elongate to form the penis and the two other bumps on the side form the scrotum. The testicles start to develop right inside the lower part of the abdomen and descends into their permanent place in the scrotum either before or after birth.

- The testicles, which are surrounded by fluid in a separate compartment, can be detected on 2D diagram and image by the 36th week.

- Babies with two X chromosomes are girls. If there is no testosterone, the bump in the middle of the legs remain very small and the ones on either sides start to fold to form the labia. The labia surrounds the entrance to the vagina. Unlike the scrotum, the labia do not fuse together and instead of testicle formation in the lower abdomen, baby girl develops ovaries which stay within her pelvis permanently.

 Other soon-to-be parents resort to answering baby quizzes or computing the odds through baby gender calculators. If you intend to use either of these, keep in mind that these are not official ways to predict baby gender. In order for you to find out whether it's a boy or a girl, you need to have an ultrasound by your 5th month. The gender result around this time is most likely to be accurate than any other baby gender predictor hint or quiz.

You can find helpful information about baby gender quizzes and everything you need to know about how to predict baby gender at Aha! Baby.

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7 Approved Tips For Women Who Want to Get Pregnant Fast

When you are ready to get pregnant, it is very normal that you really want to get pregnant fast, in order to start a real family. Waiting is not your option at this time. Unfortunately, it is said that this is the situation that you, or many women, cannot control at all. However, there are some things that you should do, and should not do, in order to improve your chances to get pregnant fast. Below are the 7 experts approved tips that can help you on this subject.

Preconception Checkup

If you want to get pregnant fast, before doing anything further, you should try to get yourself a preconception checkup first. When you have a chance to talk to your doctor, don't forget to ask him about prenatal vitamins that you should take in order to avoid having a baby with neural tube defects. Besides, if you have any medical problems, this will be the best time to take care of all the issues you have before trying to get pregnant.

Learn About Your Cycle

It is considered to be the most important step to really understand your cycle if you want to get pregnant fast. So, ovulation is the key to your success. Noticing the change in cervical mucus is one of the technique to identify when you are ovulating. Having one-sided twinge of pain is also another sign of ovulation. If you are experiencing these conditions, then, it is the time to have sexual relation in order to get pregnant fast.
However, if you have a hard time noticing the conditions mentioned earlier, then, you can use the ovulation prediction kits to identify the best time to get pregnant as well.

You can determine the first day of your menstrual period as day one. Then, you should start testing on day nine, and you need to keep testing until you get a positive. Women usually ovulate on day fourteen if they have twenty-eight-day cycle. However, it is not always like this because some women are having shorter or longer cycles. So, you need to keep testing until you see your pattern.

However, things would be more difficult if birth control had been used before. It is a fact that many couples were using birth control pills or other contraception methods on the first period of their marriage since they did not want to have a baby yet. Many people have said that after you stop using birth control, you need to wait for a certain amount of time in order to be able to get pregnant again. Well, this is no longer true. You can try to get pregnant after stop using the pills, but the problem is that you probably not ever get your period. So, it will be very difficult for you to identify the ovulation. This is the reason why you need to wait until you get your period first, and then you can try as mentioned.

Stop Worrying About the Position

I believe that you must have heard about the best sexual position to get pregnant. However, this subject has never been officially proven. Besides, there is also no evidence to prove that the missionary position is the best position if you want to get pregnant fast. So, for this time, it would be a good idea for you not to worry about this matter.

Lay Low For A While

You may have heard this one as well. It is said that you should lie in bed after having sexual relation as to improve your chances to get pregnant fast. This is correct. You should stay in bed for about ten to fifteen minutes after intercourse in order to let the sperm get into the cervix. Many women would rush to the bathroom after having sexual relation. This is the thing that you should not do.

No Need To Do That Much

Some couples believe that having sexual relation as much as possible during ovulation will increase the chances to get pregnant fast. It may sound like a good idea. However, if your partner ejaculate too often, his sperm count will deplete. Keep in mind that after intercourse, sperm can live up to seventy-two hours. So, during the time of ovulation, having sexual relation just every other night can help you to get pregnant fast as well.

Lower Stress Levels

It can be stressful when you are trying to get pregnant fast. This situation has a bad effect to your ovulation. So, you need to try to lower your stress as soon as possible. It is said that acupuncture can help you with this matter. However, many couples also have the wrong idea that drinking alcohol can lower their stress levels. This is not true at all. Having alcohol will reduce your chances of getting pregnant instead. If you really want to lower your stress, then, a small glass of wine before having sexual relation could be helpful.

Do Not Forget A Healthy Lifestyle

As you know that getting exercise is good for your health. However, having too much exercises is not good when you are trying to get pregnant fast because it can cause you not to ovulate. However, this does not mean that you need to stop getting exercises when you want to get pregnant. Just try to engage in moderate exercise, such as, thirty minutes a day, three days a week. Finally, do not forget to watch what you eat. You need to eat more healthy foods and try not to get overweight or underweight. This could indirectly help you to get pregnant fast as well.

If you are struggling to get pregnant, and there are some techniques to help you easily get pregnant naturally in 8 weeks, what would you do?

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Morning Sickness Causes - Pregnancy Without the Sickness Can Be Done If You Want!

Are you looking for a way to be pregnant without all the morning sickness causes that are out there? Did you know that the eastern society are the ones that know how to avoid this completely? There are many things you can do to not have the bad sickness that most women get with pregnancy. Here is what you must know.

Imagine if you could end up going through a full pregnancy without ever getting sick, not even once. Did you know that this is possible? You are probably looking for a way to make this happen and it could be comforting for you to know that you can find this type of thing, but it will not come from the doctors office.

What you need to know is what the morning sickness causes are. There are many things that can cause this type of sickness if you are not careful and knowing them will allow you to avoid what causes the sickness. Morning sickness causes are easy to figure out and if you know what you are doing, then you can figure out what causes your problems

Just think how pregnancy will be if you do not find a way to get rid of the vomiting and the nausea. If you don't get rid of it you will be miserable and so will the father of your baby. Plus this is not good for your baby and can keep your baby from getting nutrition that it desperately needs now.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tips on Getting Naturally Pregnant and Getting a Baby Boy Or Girl

Most people believe that a woman is vulnerable to pregnancy prior or after her menstruation. Some even believe that a woman is required to have orgasm during sex in order to get pregnant. Contrary to these views, there is only approximately a one-third chance that a woman will get naturally pregnant in between her menstrual period.

Studies conducted on the mucus ovulation method reveals that the cervical mucus gives certain clues that it is about to produce an egg ready for fertilization. Indeed, a man is fertile all the time but without an egg to fertilize, there is no chance of getting a pregnancy.

If you wish to get naturally pregnant, studying the signs on when you are most fertile is of utmost importance. Using the mucus ovulation method, you will learn that when the vagina is not emitting any cervical mucus or when your panty liner is dry, this means that you are not fertile. Having sex at this time would probably not result in you getting pregnant.

Absence of this mucus can last for days. The first sign that you are becoming fertile is when a dry mucus is sticking on your panty liner. You can start having sex at this period but the probability of getting pregnant is still low because it may still take some days for your reproductive organ to release an egg.
However, the sperm cell can survive two to three days inside the your vagina. It doesn't hurt to be ready when the right time comes.

After some time, the cervical mucus that comes out from the vagina will turn from dry to sticky but not stretchy. The chances of you getting pregnant during this time are much higher. In fact, if you want a baby girl, experts say that it is the time to do it because the acidity in the vagina is high making it harder for male sperms to reach the egg and under such conditions it cannot last as long as the female sperms.

Your most fertile period would be when you emit cervical mucus that is transparent, sticky and stretchy. This is the period when you have an egg ready for fertilization. Experts say that this period is conducive to getting a baby boy, because conditions are favorable to both male and female sperms but the male sperms, being faster usually wins the race in fertilizing the egg cell.

All women are designed to get pregnant. It is only when you do not take care of your health or lifestyle that chances of getting pregnant diminishes.

There are certain things that a couple must remember prior to pregnancy. Vitamins, healthy food, lifestyle, surroundings, stress management and health should be thoroughly observed to ensure success. Always remember that to get naturally pregnant, it is just a matter of timing. It may take some time for some couples. Therefore, you have to be patient.

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Catherine Ho is blessed with three wonderful children and it pains her to see so many of her friends and relatives suffer infertility and not being able to have children and thus may feel unfulfilled or their family seems to be incomplete. Thus she began searching for the world's best how to get pregnant solutions. If you need help to get pregnant take a look at her website now to get information and ideas to help you receive the wonderful gift of motherhood which she wants to share with you at

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Best Ways to Conceive Twins Naturally

By Mary Corman

Those women who have been blessed to conceive twins are said to have come from a family of twins. Part of this is true for the ability to hyperovulate is hereditary and a woman can possibly inherit this from the maternal side. While this may be one of the most obvious ways to conceive twins, there are also other factors that could stimulate a woman's hyperovulation process that could lead to multiple births.

In a lot of cases, females with above average weight and height also have greater chances of conceiving twins. Another obvious fact is that if a mother had already given birth to a set of twins once, it is more likely to conceive another fine set of them the next time that she got pregnant.

Older women with ages raging from 35 and above have a higher probability of bearing twins over their younger counterparts though this is not very advisable because at such age women also have the high risk of having health problems that could affect both the babies and the mother.

Aside from these, some of the proven ways to conceive twins include munching and consuming more on dairy products than the usual intake and by trying to conceive while breastfeeding. These techniques help a woman's hyperovulation or her ability to produce more than a single egg cell to easily fire up.

In conclusion, though there are a lot of possible ways to bring twins to the family, this kind of conception will always be a difficult thing to influence and to have control on using the natural ways. Most couples just leave it to a single word alone, and that is luck.

Want to learn more about how to get pregnant with twins? Want to learn how you can influence whether you have a boy or a girl? Want to know how to overcome infertility? Then click here to read a detailed guide which will reveal everything you need to know.

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