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Baby Gender Prediction - How Do You Know It's a Boy Or a Girl?

Right at the moment of conception, life begins. It starts when the egg unites with the sperm. There are two types of sperm - the X and the Y. A baby girl is conceived if the X-sperm fertilizes with the egg while a boy is conceived if a Y-sperm unites with the egg. - This is how conception of a baby happens and thus; how baby gender is determined as well.

 Expectant parents get very anxious and ecstatic at the same time to find out about their baby's gender - which is why weeks before you can even confirm baby gender, they would go as far as taking baby gender quizzes, using baby gender calculators and the like. But are there really ways to predict baby gender? How can you tell if it's a boy or a girl? During the first few weeks, males and females can be very much alike but there are a few unofficial ways to predict the baby sex. Keep in mind; however, that gender will only be officially confirmed after the ultrasound on your 5th month. Below, we will share with you some hints to help you predict baby gender.
- During the first half of the first trimester, babies - destined to be girl or boy alike - have almost the same sexual equipment called the "genital duct." Both can make either a female or male organ. It starts as three tiny bumps in between the legs. The major change becomes visible on the later part of the first trimester. Those destined to become a boy ( with one X and one Y chromosome) produces the male hormone called testosterone which allows the bump to develop male sexual organs. This bump begin to elongate to form the penis and the two other bumps on the side form the scrotum. The testicles start to develop right inside the lower part of the abdomen and descends into their permanent place in the scrotum either before or after birth.

- The testicles, which are surrounded by fluid in a separate compartment, can be detected on 2D diagram and image by the 36th week.

- Babies with two X chromosomes are girls. If there is no testosterone, the bump in the middle of the legs remain very small and the ones on either sides start to fold to form the labia. The labia surrounds the entrance to the vagina. Unlike the scrotum, the labia do not fuse together and instead of testicle formation in the lower abdomen, baby girl develops ovaries which stay within her pelvis permanently.

 Other soon-to-be parents resort to answering baby quizzes or computing the odds through baby gender calculators. If you intend to use either of these, keep in mind that these are not official ways to predict baby gender. In order for you to find out whether it's a boy or a girl, you need to have an ultrasound by your 5th month. The gender result around this time is most likely to be accurate than any other baby gender predictor hint or quiz.

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