Friday, October 16, 2009

Hand Care

Most people neglected their hands most of the time thinking they are only meant for achieving things. Though they are the most visible part of all and the most important tools in daily routines, they are always being ignored and not well taken care of. Instead, you gave your face all the unwanted attention rather than your hands. It's important to keep your hand soft and moisten all the time so that whenever you shake your hands with others, it will never give them a feeling of dry and itchy instead it gives them a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Here are the little tips that give you a perfect pair of hand and what's more? It prevents you from getting shoved away by your loved ones and instead holding them firmly in theirs!

1. Almond oil can be added into your dishwater when you clean your dishes. It helps soften your hands as the water     work their way to soft your rough hands and the oil to moisten it. Just add a teaspoon and that will give you a miracle     while you can wash your dish without worrying about rough hands.
2. Use sea salt lemon and with the help of old toothbrush, you can brush the solution slightly onto your hands. Scrub     away all the dead skin cells twice a week and your hand will be soften.
3. After washing your hands thoroughly with warm water, rub your hands against a coarse washcloth. Then, apply honey     and olive oil, a teaspoon each on your hands before placing them in small plastic bags. After that, put on a pair of     cotton gloves and leave your hands in it for about 30 minutes. With the help of the heat, your hand is moisture.
4. Soak your hands into a cup of warm milk heated to the temperature you are comfortable in and it helps to strengthen     your nails and skin hydration. The milk contains high calcium that will help in strengthening your fragile nails.
5. Either way, you can apply a layer of Vaseline onto your hands before you go to bed, then put on a pair of cotton gloves     and leave them on till the next morning. You hands are guaranteed to be as soft as baby's skin.
6. When you do your house chores, remember to put on a pair of gloves. Detergents are bad to your hands and nails.     When they are exposed long term in water, they swell and when it's dry, they shrink back and soon, you'll have to deal     with brittle nails.

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