Friday, October 16, 2009

Green Tea A Day

Many didn't realize the benefits that green tea can give to our body. Some might love the taste of green tea some just don't really like it as it tastes very 'green'. But to your surprise, we can ensure you that green tea is a healthy tea that benefited your health and even beauty. As you realize there are more products in the store with green tea as ingredients and there's also more and more green tea brand. The benefits include everything about health, weight loss and aging reduction.

• Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is said to be loaded with antioxidants that is good for our body and helps protect us from looking older then our actual age. The antioxidants keep us away from the free radicals that can cause aging, cancers and heart disease as well as lower our cholesterol, decrease our chances of getting cancers and heart disease. Protect your body with a cup of green tea every day.

• Diet and Weight Lost

Besides increasing our metabolism rate to burn fats and calories at a faster speed, green tea also contains an ingredient that helps to clean toxins in our body. That's how they help in increasing our metabolism rate. They also help to enhance our daily energy with less caffeine and it will definitely keep your mood on par every day. Daily intake of green tea especially after a heavy meal will definitely keep you energetic and cheerful every day. It's a healthy diet and it helps a lot in losing weight.

• Anti-Aging Tea

As you can see in stores, there are many beauty products that come with green tea extract. The benefit of antioxidant found in green tea extract has become popular these days as they can be used as a natural exfoliate to help reduce your wrinkles as you age and as a refreshing moisturizer as well. There are many causes to problems like wrinkles and sunspots but they can be treated and well maintained with green tea. Not to forget, green tea is also used in toothpaste for the natural fluoride they contain.

• The Green Tea

You probably will ask when is the best time to take green tea so that you can absorb the most nutrient out of it or likewise, where to get them? It's not hard to get green tea, the tea itself and also the green tea products. It's everywhere in the stores and it's affordable. There are beauty products as well as health products like vitamin supplements in pharmacies or do-it-yourself with simple recipes. You can cook with green tea or make them into facial scrubs.

Green tea is now widely used by people around the globe when the benefits of green tea slowly shine. They are affordable and are a natural ingredient without additional chemicals. Therefore the health benefits are trusted by many consumers. Go try them out yourself and see the changes in you.

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