Friday, October 16, 2009

Fragrance and Personality

Choosing a perfume to your liking is as easy as snapping your fingers but it can be hard that you need to scratch your head when there's a wide selection for you to choose from. But did you know that fragrance can represent your personality? The perfume you use tells people about you and what kind of person you are whether you're a tough person, the girly kind, sexy, young and sweet, one with personality or sporty. It's not only about you, liking the scent or not. Often, there are people who like a particular scent and some don't. It reflects on your lifestyle as well.

When you go for perfume shopping, take your time to hunt for the right one before deciding on the one that suits you best. It might take you weeks to get one, but trust us, it's worth the time. As they reflects the inner you, only the one that you think is the most suitable will last longer. Even if you've decided to change one, the fragrance will still fall on the same category.

It often happens that the perfume doesn't smells the same as the one you sprayed at the samples counter as sometimes, your nose did some tricks on you. After a while of smelling it, the scent slowly fades away and blends with your surroundings and turning into a different scent. It's not about the perfume, but your nose just decided to smell differently. Don't try too many samples at a go, and start with the lighter ones before sampling the richer scent. Take a break in between before you start sniffing on samples again.

Colors of the packaging often tells you what kind of perfume it is whether it's a strong one or a lighter one or whether it's the floral scent or fruity. You can always find some information on the bottle, so read them over before trying them. Often brighter colors reflect fruity scent and those in pastel colors reflect floral scents. Either that or you can always ask the sales person for help and to collect more information and understand your own fragrant well. Thus, you'll get to know your own personality more.

It's always best to take a break in between samples and don't force yourself to get one now on the spot. Get some opinion from people and try a few more till you found your best.

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