Friday, October 16, 2009

Healthy Cooking Tips

It's all of waste if you don't know how to cook the correct way even if you have the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Some cooking techniques can help bring out the best taste from the ingredients itself and still maintain the nutrients. To eat healthy, you have to have healthy ingredients as well as healthy cooking techniques.

Although grills consume lesser oil and that's good for dieting, but bear in mind that charcoal grills or gas grills are not good for health. They help increase chances of getting cancer instead. If you love grilled food, get electric grills for safety cooking. It taste as good as charcoal grills and gas grills.

Instead of stir-frying your vegetables, it is best that you use steam. Steam your vegetables are different from boiling your vegetables. When you boil your vegetables, the nutrients will be gone and if you steam them instead, the nutrients are still maintained in the food. It's not only about giving your vegetables a sweeter taste but also a good texture when you chew on them.

In order to cut down on fat when you cook, remember not to fry or worst, deep-fried your food. Broil them or bake or use a roasting pan to cook your food. Just sprinkle them with extra-virgin olive oil and not use your margarine. Another option to cook healthy low fat food is to use the Chinese steamers.

Saturated fats are not good so replace them with extra-virgin olive oil, organic oil or grape seed oil. They are much healthier than saturated fats.

Another important tip to healthier cooking is not to microwave your food in plastic wrap or a plastic container. If you need to heat them up using the microwave, then place your food in a glass container.

These little tips are necessary to ensure you make full use of your healthy ingredients. Careful not to spoil the nutrients! That's what that you need for a healthy diet and most importantly the secret to a beautiful you.


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