Friday, October 16, 2009

Basic Yet Important

Below are the basic 10 little tips that looks not really important but as you accumulate them, it will somehow become essential to you someday. Make them a practice every day and it will keep you healthy throughout.

1. Move, move and more move

Challenge yourself and see how much you move your body every day. Climb the stairs to your house or to your office instead of taking the elevators or escalators. Opt for a walk if the place is within walking distance or walk your dog in the park, bring your children out to the beach, play with them and chase them around. You can also toss balls with your friends and go out for a game or two or simply mow the lawn. All these help a little everyday in moving your limbs. An easy fitness tool you can do every day besides the boring routing like going to the gym or aerobic or even tai chi.

2. Reduce Fat Bits by Bits

Try not to consume fried foods, burgers and other fatty meat especially those found in processed meat like bacon, ham, sausages and salami. You can also opt for low fat version of cheese, milk and cream if you love them. Nuts, mayonnaise, sandwich meats, margarine, butter and sauces and dressings should be consumed in limited amounts or get the low fat or fat free version instead. All these are not essential to your body and they give you no nutrients at all.

3. Say NO to Smoking

Smoking is harmful to anyone and everyone knows that. When you are craving for a puff, take the gums instead. Chew them and you'll soon forget about smoking. What worries people most is that smokers' age is getting younger each day and it seems like teenagers now ignore the important of being healthy. Parents are encouraged to guide their children well in this and try to advise them into quitting if they are found smoking.

4. Don't Stress

It's always easier to be said than done but somehow someway you'll have to do it as well. Stress can come from everywhere be it from yourself or your surroundings. And one of the easiest ways to reduce your stress is simply to do things that you like for example, read a book, soak in bath tub, go for a walk or enjoy the evening breeze. Take some time off from everything you do.

5. Avoid from Pollution

Make an effort to avoid smoke-filled rooms, areas with high traffic, breath in highways and exercising near busy areas. Those smokes are not good for health and your lungs and try to avoid breathing heavily in these places. You can also plant something at your home.

6. Buckle Yourself

Remember to wear your seat belt as it helps to prevent and potential injuries if you car gets crashed.

7. Teeth Flossing

There is a connection shows through research that longevity and teeth flossing are related to each other. The real reason to it was not identified but by logical thinking, if a person is to floss their teeth, it also meant that the person is health conscious enough. Hence, they'll not forgot the important of their teeth as well.

8. Drink Just Enough

Drink moderately instead of excessively. Research shows that a man can drink a glass of wine a day as it helps prevent heart disease but if it's a glass and more then it will bring harm to your body like causing liver and kidney disease.

9. Be Positive

Being cheerful everyday makes you think and act positively. Hence, you'll live well when you're in a better mood.

10. Know How to Choose

It doesn't mean that your parents who are diagnosed with disease that can be passed down through genetics like diabetes you'll be inherited with the disease as well. Yes, you have a percentage of getting the disease but you can work harder to prevent them from happening. You get to choose whether or not to live healthily. You can control your own health management too.

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