Friday, October 16, 2009

Say Bye Bye to Dark Circles!

Dark circles are always women's enemy and now not only that, even men has the same issue as well. Dark circles are formed usually due to late night sleep. But it's ok now that we have a solution to it. You can make them at home and it only costs you very little. You don't have to waste a huge amount of money anymore trying out different kind of products available in the pharmacies and be disappointed after that. You can try making this instead.

1. Use potatoes that you can find in the supermarkets. Peel off the skin and throw them into your food processor.
2. Then stuff these raw mashed potatoes into cheesecloth before applying them onto the dark spot below your eyes.
3. Beware not to let the juice drip into your eyes. Just leave them for about 20 minutes before removing it.
4. Wipe clean your eyes and apply your eye cream. That completes your dark circle treatment.

This method helps as grated potatoes are known to be containing catecholase, a kind of enzyme that is used in normal cosmetics ingredients to lighten human skin. This DIY is absolutely going to be effective in lightening your dark circles. Just repeat this routine for a few times and you'll get the result you want. But the best effective way is of course, to sleep early and have enough 8-hours sleep to prevent your dark circles from popping out again.

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