Friday, October 16, 2009

An Apple A Day

As the simple saying that rhymes, 'An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away' is no doubt a favorite children quote to have them to eat the fruits in order to get a balance diet. But have you ever wonder why must it be an apple and not other common fruits? Why is it that there's no 'An Orange a Day Keeps the Doctor Away'?

There must be something about this ordinary fruit that makes them extraordinary and a special of its kind. Research shows that they have extra benefits that are good for health where you can't find in other fruits. You can mix all kinds of fruits to get these benefits, but why not just take an apple? It's simpler this way. And the simplest way to stay healthy is always the best choice for everyone.

Let's see how an apple can keeps the doctor away.

1. An apple contains Vitamin C that is needed in your immune system. With Vitamin C, your wound heals faster and you     don't get bruises easily nor bleeding gums.
2. Flavonoid that can be found in apples are good to prevent heart and cardiovascular disease as they work as     antioxidants.
3. If you're having sweet tooth and are craving for candies or chocolates, try having an apple instead. They give you the     same sweetness and the important thing is they are lower in calories. And, they make your cravings disappear!
4. There are all kinds of cancers and the best fact about apples is they prevent cancers. An apple a day helps cure     colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. So, women remember to have an apple.
5. Phenols in apple helps reduce bad cholesterol and then increase the good cholesterol in our body.
6. Not only can you keep the doctors away but dentists too. With the juice from the apple, 80% of the bacteria that     causes tooth decay can be killed.
7. Though it's not known to many people, but apple really can help protect your brain from brain disease like Alzheimer's     and Parkinsonism with the phytonutrients found in an apple.
8. Asthma can be prevented if you have at least five apples a week. It is said that apples help lower respiratory     problems.
9. The best thing is, apples taste great be it the green or the apple ones. You can have the red one if you dislike the     green or vice versa. But it's best to have both!

So, get your apples now and stay healthy without a doctor!

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