Friday, October 16, 2009

Cholesterol Hair Conditioning

Homemade recipes are always cost saving. Though sometimes it may be a little bit time consuming but you'll definitely enjoy the process of making your own treatments especially when beauty treatments are always costly. Here's what we have for you to save on your hair treatment. You don't have to visit the salon every now and then to get your hair treated; instead, you can do them at home by yourself without the help of others.

For dry hair, all you need for this treatment is to get ready a cup of mayonnaise, some plastic food wrap and two towels. This DIY treatment is essential for dry hair and instead of using hair conditioners that are full of chemicals, use the natural way of treatment.

Apply the whole cup of mayonnaise onto your hair and massage them into the scalp and root. You might need to use a comb to comb your hair so that the mayonnaise is evenly applied through the end. You have a choice of combing your hair with your hand actually. After that, pile them on top of your head and wrap them with the plastic wrap. This way, it helps to keep the mayonnaise in place.

Then pre-heat the towel in your drier and wrap it around after the layer of plastic wrap. Keep the towel there for 10 minutes before removing it and place the second towel on it and leave them for another 10 minutes. The heat from the wrapping will help in deep conditioning. After all that, remove the towel and the plastic.

Shampoo your hair as usual after the treatment. This treatment is best done once a month as they make your hair softer and shinier. But for oily scalp, you are advised not to apply the mayonnaise to the whole head. Instead apply them only on dry ends. You can do this once a week, weekly to get the best result. It's good for damage hair too from too much chemical treatment.

You'll definitely going to enjoy this process and the result after that and not forgetting the satisfaction of Do-It-Yourself!

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